My relationship with crochet started under grey skies and vivid memories.  While recovering from an operation in 2008, I spent most days drifting in and out of my earliest memories of crochet.

Doilies were one of my favourite designs, with its intricate patterns and shapes that formed a beautiful piece of work.  Perhaps doilies were my auntie’s favourite too, because whenever I see her – she seems to be working on a doily pattern.  Looking back, I wish I had learned how to crochet from my auntie.

I am a terrible knitter, but curious about crocheting with one hook.  This curiosity prompted a quick search in the loft, where I found a stash of yarn that must have been part of an unsuccessful knitting project.  There was also a crochet pattern for a dog’s blanket, so for a complete novice crocheter, I was feeling (very confident) indeed.  Perhaps I had been meaning to take up crochet after all.

Slowly, the idea for ‘tell laura i love crochet’ came into focus.  I still get very excited when ideas for a new pattern pop up.  By creating simple and fun projects, I hope crochet can encourage more people, especially children to learn crochet as a new hobby.

I am fascinated with the textures of natural fibres.  By using Manos del Uruguay and British undyed yarn, it is one way for me to show support for ethical creating.  From the vibrant colours of Manos to the subtle tones of undyed yarn, their natural textures offer an incredibly fulfilling experience when creating a new project.

Happy crafting!