Back-to-basics with Crochet

Autumn is probably a favourite time to learn how to crochet.  The days are getting cooler, and there are less outdoor activities to take part to stay active.  So, it can be quite cosy to cuddle up with some yarn and a hook to start crocheting.  Also, it’s much easier to find inspiration to start a new project, since you’re heading towards the festive season.

First, you need to work out which method is best for both your hand and the crochet hook. The efforts to juggle between the pen and the knife method seem tedious, but once you become accustomed to your chosen method – there is just the slipknot to tackle!

*Note all crochet techniques are in UK Terms*

The instructions given through all the crochet methods here are from a right-hander’s perspective, but if you are left-handed, simply switch the techniques around.

1. With your right hand, hold the hook between your thumb and index finger (5cm/2in) away from the tip of the hook.  At the same time, rest your thumb on the flat area (thumb rest) of the hook, with  your index finger touching the flat area on the back of the hook.

2. Hold the hook like a pen (5cm/2in) away from the tip of the hook.  Then rest your thumb on the flat area (thumb rest).  At the same time, stretch your middle finger slightly forward along the shank towards the tip.  Rest your index finger on the flat area on the back for a steady grip.

how to hold a crochet hook

 How to make a slipknot?

Once you have found your method – you are ready to crochet.  The slipknot is a basic stitch that forms the initial stitch to make a foundation chain (the foundation chain is a string of loops that helps to keep the crochet stitches together).

1. Using the long yarn end (ball of yarn) to make a ring, with the shorter yarn end sitting beneath the long yarn end (Fig. 1).

2 – 4. With the hook – go through the ring, and draw the long yarn end into the middle of the ring.  Bringing the long yarn upward to form one large loop on the hook (Fig. 2-4).

learn to make a crochet slipknot

5 – 6. Keep holding the hook while using your left/right fingers to pull both strands of yarn downwards to make the loop smaller.  Then tighten the knot on the hook by pulling only the long yarn end. One slipknot made (Fig. 5-6).

learn to make a crochet slipknot

Holding the yarn and hook together may feel awkward at first, but it will become easier if you crochet on a regular basis.

Try using different crochet methods until you develop your ways of holding the hook.

Happy crocheting!


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