Tangled Up

When I noticed that June is just around the corner, I went into a panic mode!  Suddenly, flashbacks from my New Year’s resolution is hanging visibly in front of me.  Seriously, the idea to share your New Year’s resolutions is not an option that you can take lightly.

changing colours in crochet

To remedy these commitments, I dash to pick up the stripy blanket (head down) and weave my way through yarn ends that needs tidying. It’s clear that I will not finish darning in all those ends in an hour or two, but at least it dampens the guilt slightly.

Had I known that you could strand the yarn up the side edge of your work when changing a new colour? All of this would have saved many hours of work, and avoid me from getting all tangled up!

So if you are about to start a new project with different colours – here is what you could consider before embarking on that long project.

Changing Colours in Crochet:
If you are working in stripes with a few colours, try to strand the yarn up the side edge of your work. This method avoids having to break the yarn off each time you join in a new yarn colour.  The images below is showing work in double crochet stitch with a new colour on every two row.

1-4. After working two rows in the first colour, on the last stitch – before the final yrh, instead of continuing with the first colour – you draw through the second colour to complete the stitch of the row. Work two rows in the second colour, again before the final yrh, you draw through the third colour to complete the stitch of the row.

changing colours in crochet

5-6. Work two rows in the third colour. At the end of the row, the first colour will be in position for the next colour change. Continue to work two rows in each colour in this order. Try to strand the colours slightly loose, but arranged neatly on the side edge. If you are unhappy with the edges once complete, then perhaps consider adding an edging to make it neat.


Happy crocheting!


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