Dreaming of a Snowflake

Imagine the delicate snowflakes falling from the greyish sky one by one; then you reach out to catch it with your hand and see it slowly melts inside your palm. This sensation is quite sombre in many ways because you witness a beautiful shape that disappears from your palm and there is nothing you can do to preserve its beauty. Watching the tiny puddle gives a sense of lost in thought.

crochet snowflake pattern
Snowflake motif

Snowflakes consist of many shapes and sizes. They begin as snow crystals, then gradually develop when tiny cloud droplets freeze. The more intricate shapes form as the flakes progress through contrasting temperatures, which brings a unique formation. For this reason, there were assumptions that no two snowflakes are the same. Perhaps this is why you watch it with sadness when it melts in your hand because somehow you know that design will be lost forever.

Share the joys and happiness in this festive season.  Make a snowflake with this free pattern and use it as an appliqué on Christmas presents or simply hang it on a tree to light up the scene.

Crochet Snowflake Pattern:
You will need:
Some mercerised cotton yarn (depending on how many flakes you make)
I use Patons 100% cotton DK
(approx. 20g per snowflake using size 3.00mm hook)
Hook 3.00mm
Tapestry needle
Pair of scissors
Skill Level – Beginner-Easy

ss – slip stitch
ch- chain
foundation chain
dc – double crochet
tr – treble stitch
st – stitch
sts – stitches
Rnd – round
*( ) rep – repeat within brackets
beg – beginning

Make a foundation chain of ch-7, ss into first ch to form a ring.

Rnd 1: ch-1, make 12dc into ring, ss into first st to join = 12sts.

Rnd 2: ch-3, 1tr in first st, *(ch-4, then miss next st, 2tr in next same stitch), rep *( ) 3 times more.  Ending with ch-4, and ss into first st at beg of rnd to join = 6 sets of 2tr.

Rnd 3: ss into top of first tr (not the ch-3), 1dc in first set of ch-4, ch-4 (count as 1tr and ch-1), in first set of ch-4, then 1tr, ch-3, 1tr, ch-1, 1tr in same set of ch-4, *(ch-1, 1tr, ch1, 1tr, in next set of hc-4), rep *( ) 4 times more.  Ending with ch-1, join with ss into 3rd st from beg of round.

Rnd 4: ss into first tr from last rnd, but not (ch-4), 1dc, ch-4, 1dc, ch-6, 1dc, ch-4, 1dc into first set of ch-3 created in round 3 (this forms a set of picots), *(ch-4, 1dc in 2nd 1ch-sp, then ch-4 and 1dc in next set of ch-3, ch-4, 1dc, ch-6, 1dc, ch-4, 1dc in same set of ch-3), rep *( ) 4 times more.  Ending with ch-4, 1dc in 1ch-sp, ch-4, and join with ss into first dc at beg of round.  One snowflake made.

Fasten off, leaving approx. (13cm/5in) and weave in all ends neatly.  Ensure work is properly secured before cutting yarn tail.

Wishing you joy, peace and happiness this Christmas.



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