Year of the Monkey 2016

Once again, it’s time to decorate your home with the auspicious colours of Red!  Bring out the colourful sweets and hang little red packets onto kumquat trees.  Mostly, don’t forget to fill those red (lai see) packets with money to keep little ones happy (and some adults too).

year of the monkey 2016

This year we celebrate Chinese New Year on 8 February 2016.  It will be the year of the Monkey – Monkey is a ninth of the twelfth cycle of animals in the Chinese Zodiac.  The characteristics of the Monkey is one of the most playful and hyperactive animals in the Zodiac cycle.

At times, it is tough to take them seriously even when certain formality is required of them.  Their behaviour can annoy people around them, and this can lead to misunderstandings and even arguments!  Although their expressions clearly show that, they possess natural qualities, which is playful and happy-go-lucky.

However, as they grow up, their annoyance may pose frustrations for themselves too.  So, the growing up stages can force a Monkey to throw tantrums perhaps because they have to leave their playfulness behind to embark on the challenges of maturity.

The Monkey can be quite unpredictable too, and there is nothing more fun and exciting than swinging from one event to another. Monkeys’ involvement with numerous hobbies is always under threat of being neglected if a new hobby that is more fun than the present one.  Their own distractions are perhaps why they view life as a series of events being sewn together.  However, they are such creative creatures, and always eager to demonstrate their abilities through arts and hobbies.

The Monkey is a caring, sentimental and loyal Zodiac animal.  On the bonus side, if you can strike a friendship with them – it will be for always.  Their honesty and kindness will bring great achievements for them in life.

Steal the cheeky grin from the clever Monkey to enjoy a cheerful and happy Chinese New Year in 2016!

Kung Hei Fat Choi


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