Crochet Starflower pincushion

Working in circular rounds, with simple increases and decreases in double crochet stitch, this crochet starflower pincushion is easy and fun to make.  However, complete beginners might find the flower a bit tricky to crochet, but if you focus on the different stitches – the process is both enjoyable and rewarding.  Whether you’re making it as a gift or for yourself, this pincushion will keep pins and needles beautifully tidy.

In a pale violet, the round cushion is topped with a layer of violet, pink and raspberry starflower.  Also, the tones of lavender give the pincushion a sense of calm and coolness once crocheted.

Free crochet pincushion pattern

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Demands from a passionate crafter

It’s not difficult to feel ambitious when thinking about making Christmas gifts for family and friends.  The list of projects looks simple, so it seems, finishing them before Christmas looks positive.   Equally, it’s also easy to be carried away with planning the festive season that you lost track of time. Then finishing the crochet projects before Christmas seems impossible.

Now, your plan falls apart and you wish you only had to worry about one crochet pattern instead of twenty.  Self-demands from a passionate crafter can be very tough, especially if you’re a perfectionist.

crochet slouchy beanie
Slouchy beanie

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With or Without a Motif

Crochet motifs are simple and easy to make.  The repeated patterns can quickly become addictive, because of the satisfying results it gives. You can create as many as you like, depending on the size of your project. Making only about seven or more will give you a simple stole, and although it can be quite time-consuming, the results are worth your efforts.

free crochet motif pattern
Mini Motif stole

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