Tangled Up

When I noticed that June is just around the corner, I went into a panic mode!  Suddenly, flashbacks from my New Year’s resolution is hanging visibly in front of me.  Seriously, the idea to share your New Year’s resolutions is not an option that you can take lightly.

changing colours in crochet

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The effects of Daylight

The effects of daylight are exhilarating and energising. The results are due to longer days, and shorter nights. Naturally, our body goes into a perk-up mode, as if there are a good supply of energy in the reserve tank!  This new power gives a perfect opportunity to revive those little fingers to catch up on crochet.

crochet flower pot

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Back-to-basics with Crochet

Autumn is probably a favourite time to learn how to crochet.  The days are getting cooler, and there are less outdoor activities to take part to stay active.  So, it can be quite cosy to cuddle up with some yarn and a hook to start crocheting.  Also, it’s much easier to find inspiration to start a new project, since you’re heading towards the festive season.

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